Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lovelines (1984)

Lovelines 84 teen comedy movie .but this film  a little bit of different from classic teen movies  including great Aor tracks with 80's good pop tunes

Film about  a competition between bands and    fall in love with each other  of their lead singers I think they are amateur musicians  I couldn't find any info about them Soundtrack and DVD not available too I have ripped tracks from VHS and isolated dialogues and noises as much as possible   Sound quality is not  excellent though  very good songs
Same Situation goes for Grandview U.S.A. and Oxford Blues soundtracks (request)  I'  ve ripped notable & rippable  tracks except a few motown,old rock n roll or country songs also I added some bonus tracks

  • Souvenir - Lovelines
  • Racer-Defyin' Gravity
  • The Firecats - Totally Gone
  • Brittany - Reflex
  • Ben Sharel-Hearts On Fire
  • Joe Esposito-A Time Like This Again
  • The Flying Phlegm-Ba Ba Baby
  • Souvenir-Number One
  • Ben Sharel-Boılın Over
  • Racer -For You
  • Souvenir-Hold Me Tonight
  • Tyson Moses - Hearts On Fire (Bonus-not featured in movie)


djnoland said...

Thanks for the this soundtrack and Grandview U.S.A. as well!!!!

Do you know if anyone has gotten a soundtrack together for "Hardbodies"?

TURKAOR said...

You're welcome I've ripped tracks which appropriate to my music taste

Vixen's all songs ,Hardbodies Main theme ... motown or country songs out of my edition After I clean and edit them ,post here

Vinicius Ramos said...

Downloading, because I loved the music of the first video ! Congratulations for the post !

TURKAOR said...

Thanx Vinicius glad you like it

Yurune said...

Hi. Do you have the Alien Nation TV soundtrack?

TURKAOR said...

Hi I can give you 2 links not my upload

23 tracks

part 1

part 2

Yurune said...

Hi TURKAOR, those links are for the Alien Nation movie, not the tv show, but thanks anyway. :)

TURKAOR said...

I found tv soundtrack-34 tracks

and another blog but I think blog closed

Yurune said...

Thanks, but the one on soundtrackzone is the movie.

The one on tv-soundtracks was the tv show, but I couldn't find any download links. :(

TURKAOR said...


Hardbodies Soundtrack 1984 VHS RİP


1-Vixen - Runnin'
2-Vixen-Give It a Chance
3-Computer Madness-Vixen
4-Krak - Hardbodies (Main Theme) 84
6-Vixen-Party time

toby strebel said...

hi, does anyone have the songs

"Maria" and "Be With Me" by Vixen and
"Tearin" Me Up" by Nancy Shanks?

I'd pay anything for the soundtrack LP of Hardbodies or these songs in mp3 format