Tuesday, April 12, 2011


A  criminal  creature arrives on earth from outer space and it kills anything that gets in its way, uses human bodies as a new hiding place  Two FBI Agents pursues  this body swapping  alien addicted to sport cars and hard rock  One of the best Science Fiction genre's  Starring   Michael  Nouri and  Kyle MacLachlan who is known  phenomenon TV series ''Twin Peaks''

Score released only in Japan  (limited) and other tracks very rare Sub genres of Rock mostly tracks which are featuring in movie   Two songs in the film not included in the list below 

While the Going's Good" - Twin Set & the Pearls (you can buy it here-and a  rare hip hop song  For me no mind  they may remain as rare until forever

1- The Truth - Weapons of Love
2- Concrete Blonde-Still in Hollywood
3- Hunters & Collectors-.Is There Anybody In There
4-Shok Paris-On Your Feet
5-Concrete Blonde-Your Haunted Head
6-The Truth-Hidden
7-Hunters & Collectors-Say Good Bye
8-Mendy Lee-Bad Girl
9-The Lords of the New Church-Black Girl White Girl
10-Shok Paris-Going Down Fighting
11-Concrete Blonde-Over Your Shoulder
12-Mack Gordon- You Make Me Feel So Young (instrumental)
13-The Truth - Weapons of Love (extended album version)-Bonus


Score composed by  Michael Convertino
  1. The Hidden Main Title
  2. Political Rally
  3. Back at Home
  4. Transferance
  5. Miller in Apartment
  6. Lloyd & Little girl
  7. Lloyd Alone
  8. Final Transferance
  9. The Dog
  10. Rampage
  11. Shoot-Out
  12. Stripper
  13. Road Block
  14. Mannequin
         S C O R E 


Phaota said...

What are you talking about concerning a hip hop song in the film? The only missing songs that I haven't found are "Brian Gunboty - You Make Me Feel So Young" and "ULI - Out Of Control (In My Car)", which I believe is the song in the video snippet I have on YouTube. I got the Twinset & The Pearls song on 7" a long while back.

TURKAOR said...

it plays at the scene of stealing red Ferrari from showroom part3 8.30 till 8.35

about Dream To Believe soundtrack I haven't seen this movie yet but according this site http://www.fast-rewind.com/music_dreamtobelieve.htm

this song is featured in movie

mica said...

this is a great blog! I think if you do mp3 in 320 better make it all the way to Flac, so you wont have to do it again in a couple of years.

Bohond said...

Great Blog man!
Thanks for the Skateboard sndtr.
Got anothe request.
Looking for a CD-rip @320 from the "Sing" sndtr.
Do you perhaps have that CD?


TURKAOR said...

Thanx Bohond I already sent Sing 89 OST Here @320


Berdo said...

Thanks for this blog post. I've been a big fan of this movie ever since I was a child and never thought to look for the soundtrack until now. Good job!

"I need the keys."
"Right. Out of the car."

goodshotgreen said...

I have been looking for "Bad Girl" ever since my dad took me to see this movie when I was 13. So thanks!

It'd be nice to have the full song without the background noise. It's not on any album I've come across. How to contact Mendy Lee?