Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hıgh Adrenaline: Sports Movie Soundtracks

 After box office success of Rocky and Karate Kid films  began a sports movie wave in the middle of  eighties
Especially in  the 86-87 season  many sports  movies filmed in succession  Rad,Youngblood,North Shore just a few of them Possible to find the movie about all branches of sport in this period   Distinguishing characteristics of this 80's sports films were pumpin' and thrilling tunes , energetic tracks which played  during the montage scenes

Here I chose 32 of  these  for this comp.Exclusive ,rare, missing tracks, different versions  some of them  never released in any format  like White Sister-Touch The Sky and Skydance from Wİnners Take All 

I will post a similar compilation in a few weeks  Other sports movies will be there  Songs are ready but I should design their artworks

01. Roger Daltrey-Quicksilver Lightning  from Quicksilver (1986)

02 .Mickey Thomas - Stand In The Fire from  Youngblood (1986)

03. John Farnham-Break The İce (movie version) from  RAD (1986)

04.  Chicago feat. Bill Champlin- Hearts In Trouble from  Days Of Thunder(1990)

05. Tony Martin Jr.-Skydance from   Winners Take All (1987)

06. The Isley Brothers - Good Hands from  Wild Cats (1986)

07. Roy Ward - Hot Shot  from  White Water Summer(1987)

08. Animotion - Staring Down The Demons   from  Thrashin' (1986)

09. John Farnham- Thunder in Your Heart (Extended Version)  from  RAD (1986)

10. Cliff Magness - If We Can't Do It   from  Race For Glory (1989)

11. Marietta - Thunder & Lightning    from  Fire,Ice & Dynamite (1990)

12. Rocky Burnette-Perfect Crime  from  Cannonball Run 3 (1989)

13. Gary  Wright- Am I The One  from  North Shore  (1986)

14.   Billy Burnette -Brother To Brother  from  Gleaming The Cube (1989)

15.   Dan Reed Network - Baby Now I    from   The Cutting Edge  (1992)

16. Marietta Waters-Fire And Ice (promo single version )   from  Feuer und  Eis (1986)

17.Dave Grusin-Lucas End Credits Theme    from  Lucas (1986)

                  P A R T  I

18. John Parr-Two Hearts   from  American  Anthem (1986)

19.  Glenn Medeiros-Highwire  from  The Karate Kid Part III (1989)

20. Don  Felder-Wild Life   from  The Slugger's Wife (1985)

21. Paul  DelphNorth Shore Roar    from   North Shore (1987)

22.White  Sister-Touch The Sky    from   Thrashin' (1986)

23. Sammy HagarWinner Takes It All (movie version)   from  Over The Top (1987)

24.  Autograph-Winning Is Everything  from  Youngblood (1986)

25.  Kick-American Way  from  Body Slam (1986)

26. Joe Elliot-When Saturday Comes  from  When Saturday Comes (1996)

27.  Airborne feat.Mickey Thomas- Skate Out   from   Skateboard (1979)

28Frozen Ghost & Friends - Rock Still Rolls Me from  Johnny Be Good (1988)

29. Ian  Thomas-Strange Brew  from  Strange Brew (1983)

30.  Danny Hutton- Brand New Day  from American Flyers (1985

31. House of Schock-Middle Of Nowhere  from  Bull Durham (1988)

32. John Waite - Change  from  Vision Quest (1985)

               P A R T  II


Vinicius Ramos said...

This blog is a little different. I enjoy soundtracks from 80's and AOR, then I'll follow your blog.
Can you do the same with my blog ?
Thanks ! Greetings from Brazil.

Lfhlaw said...

I'm trying to get the frozen ghost track 'rock still rolls me'. I used to have the cassette, but it's been long gone. Was wondering about getting the MP3.

TURKAOR said...

This version good quality 320 kb froM Johnny be good OST