Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nobody's Perfect (1990)

requested by Kelly

01. K.C. & The Sunshine Band - Game Of Love
02. Terry Woods - Girls Against Girls
03. Fee Waybill - Meeting Half The Way
04. Neurotica - Living A Double Life
05. Michael Logan - Desire
06. DB Night - Talk Is Cheap
07. Lorraine Devon - Boy
08. DB Night - I'm Hangin
09. The Crybabys - Girls On The Run
10. Robert Randels - The Picnic



Phaota said...

Need to change the date of release to 1989. IMDb might have it as 1990, but after doing some searching awhile back when I got the soundtrack, I find that most sites list it as 89.

TURKAOR said...

you're right Movie filmed in 89 released date 2 feb.90 but I get reference as İMDB

Now I am watching really great film from 1990 'Flatliners 'Kiefer Sutherland Kevin Bacon, Julia Roberts