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Hi folks!  I'm here again with a new compilation it had Postponed for a while cos cover  design and audio restaration took a lot of time  I've tried different techniques  I worked up to the finest detail for each image  I sent  a portion here moreover with original size in rar
I've been  dealing with graphic arts as freelance (extra job)  I try to get financial power like everyone else lol!  I will use this blog as trial board   a while 
about tracks  I mixed  film vers and single versions& made the pitch and tempo harmony That was the hardest part of the job
   I did full a eye of the tiger movie version  including tiger growls  (ending credits]  and used another classic's movie  mix versions too  "Moment of truth"  and  "Take  it higher" etc..also  edited  songs like "Courage To Fight"I did a entire song [2.45] great uptempo rock track 
 full tracklist and download link below


  • *********************************************
  • Survivor-Eye Of The Tiger movie version [Rocky III]
  • Eric Bannet-My Brother's  Eyes  [Kickboxer 2]
  • Dwight David-The  Last Dragon  [Last Dragon]
  • Paul Delph-Fight To Survive   [Bloodsport]
  • Joe Torono- Stand on your own [ Karate Tiger]
  • Bill Wray-No Mercy  [Lionheart]
  • David Bergeaud-Trained to Fight  [College Kickboxers]
  • Larry Greene-Take It Higher movie mix  [Over the Top]
  • Warrant-The Power [Gladiator]
  • Stubblefield & Hall-Best of the Best [Best of the Best ]
  • Kevin Chalfant-Hold On to the Vision [No Retreat No Surrender]
  • Jimi Jamison-The Moment Of Truth movie mix [The Karate Kid]
  • Survivor-Burning Heart movie version [Rocky  IV]
  • Patrick Swayze-Raising Heaven (In Hell Tonight [Road House]
  • Stan Bush-Never Surrender [Kickboxer]
  • Stefano Mainetti-She'll Wait For Me [Karate Warrior 2]
  • Phil Settle-Red Sun Rising [Red Sun Rising]
  • Susan Guterres-Courage To Fight [Lady Dragon]
  • David Pack- Prove Me Wrong  [White Nights]
  • Paul Engemann-Push it to the limit movie version [Scarface]
  • John Cafferty-Hearts on Fire  long movie version [Rocky IV]
  • Joe Esposito-The Winning End (Demo) [Staying Alive]
  • Ric Olsen & Marty Fredericksen-Make A Stand [Ninja Kids Phantom Force]
  • Paul Hertzog-Breathing Fire [Breathing Fire]

Saturday, February 1, 2014



  •  Thor and The Tritonz - We Live To Rock [Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare]
  • Alice Cooper - Hard Rock Summer [Friday The 13th. Part VI Jason Lives]
  • Triumph - Troublemaker [Hellraiser III Hell on Earth ]
  • Mark Free - Rock Invasion [Black Roses]
  • Autograph -  From The Beast Inside[Fright Night]
  • Clue In The Crew  The Sound Of Fear [ Zombi 3]
  • Lou Gramm- Lost In The Shadows[The Lost Boys]
  • Michael Thompson -Speedster [Sleepwalkers]
  • Vice - Keep Holding On [Bloodmoon]
  • Becca-Romeo, Romeo [Halloween 5: Revenge of the Michael Myers]
  • Jim Manzie - The Way Of All Flesh [Tales From The Darkside]
  •  Toni Basil & Devo-The Only One [Slaughterhouse Rock]
  • Alan Jordan - Mind to Mind [Scanners II- The New Order]
  • Lamont-Flesh to Flesh [Return Of The Living Dead part II ]
  • Buddy Miles-Children of theNight [Maniac Cop 2] 
  • Fastway - Dont Stop The Fight-[Trick or Treat]
  • Gene Evaro - Oh What A Love, Oh What A Life [Mirror Mirror]
  • Steel Breeze-Bump in the Night [Witchboard]
  •  Carl Dixon - Fools Paradise [Freakshow]
  • Cherry Bomb - Midnite Man [Zombie Nightmare]

  • Roger Clinton - Just Like You [Pumpkinhead 2  Blood Wings]
  • John Altyn-Sleepaway [Sleepaway Camp 3]
  • Mammoth- Cant Take The Heart [A Nightmare on Elm Street 5 The Dream Child]
  • R ick Bowles-)Baby Lied [Neon Maniacs]
  • Paul  Sabu- Na Na Na [Hardrock Zombies]
  • Michael Lanning - Is It Really Love [Child's Play]
  •  Sorcery-Watching You [Rocktober Blood]
  • Tim Denardo- Teenage Exorcist [Teenage Exorcist]
  • Dennis Tenney;-The Beast Inside[Night of the Demons]
  • Bonfire - Sword And Stone[ Shocker]

Friday, July 12, 2013

SCORE Kickboxer (1989)



COMING SOON...On November 29

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Halloween 5 The Revenge of Michael Myers Soundtrack (1989)

01. Becca - Romeo, Romeo

02. DV8 - Anything For Money

03. Dennis Churchill - Dancin' On Midnight 

04. Rhythm Tribe - Second Time Around 

05. Diggy, Mark Chosak and Eileen Clark - Sporting Woman 

06. Alan Howarth - Halloween 5 / The Revenge 

07. Alan Howarth - The Shape Also Rises 

08. Alan Howarth - The Evil Child Must Die 

09. Alan Howarth - First Victim 

10. Alan Howarth - A Stranger In the House 

11. Alan Howarth - Tower Farm 

12. Alan Howarth - Stop the Rage 

13. Alan Howarth – Trapped 

14. Alan Howarth - The Attic 

15. Alan Howarth - Jail Break 

16. Alan Howarth - Halloween Finale


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dead Heat (1988)

Hi There!  it's been a long time we last met  more than one year ....Although I didn't post anything here in this time ;seems to be more increased in popularity of  blog according to statistics  & downloads  So I would like to thank the faithful friends and soundtrack lovers  in all over the world .ActuallyI never thought keeping this blog long term due to my job  and other reasons you know ( I moved a new house near the sea Nowadays I spend the remaining time on the beach) but there were some things I want to post I couldn't  before  specially unknown movie track compilations  my movie rips,   and some 80's rare this so I decided continue  Even though  not as often  as before I'll be around & hope to offer you some of the rarest things   

01   Titles - Ernest Troost
02   Resurrection Room Fight - Ernest Troost
03   The Robbery - Ernest Troost
04   The Resurrection Room - Ernest Troost
05   Dead Meat - Ernest Troost
06   The Tomb - Ernest Troost
07   Zombie Attack - Ernest Troost
08   Roger's Ride To Freedom - Ernest Troost
09   Roger's Resurrection - Ernest Troost
10   Breaking The Code - Ernest Troost
11   I'm Not Bleeding - Ernest Troost
12   The Butcher Shop - Ernest Troost
13   Finding Bigelow - Ernest Troost
14   The Library - Ernest Troost
15   Roger Storms Dante Labs - Ernest Troost
16   The Jewelry Robbers - Ernest Troost
17   Roger Emerges - Ernest Troost
18   Resurrection Room Showdown - Ernest Troost
19   The Shoot Out - Ernest Troost
20   We Need Your Help - Ernest Troost
21   End Titles - Ernest Troost

22    Phil  Settle-Dead Heat (main Theme) bonus track

D E A D      H E A T 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Megaforce (1982)

Megaforce is a cult action film about  a group of  elite  solidiers from all over the world who are led by Ace Hunter, and fight evil They have  flying motorycycles equipped with missile launchers and laser weapons which could destroy a tank 

Score published a few months ago (Limited only 2000 copies)  first time released on CD format  Score composed by  Jerrold Immel.  known for his work on television show Dallas  
Aor Band 707 's  track not included on this release ,added by me  

01. This Is Your Megaforce
02. Megaforce Rolls Out
03. Megaforce Main Titles
04. No Welcoming Committee
05. Operation Hook, Line And Sinker
06. Freefalling In Love
07. Rapid Air Deployment
08. Take-Off
09. Night Strike
10. Last Plane Out
11. Aftermath
12. Ace Flirts
13. It's All On The Wheel
14. Major And The Ace
15. End Titles
16. The Good Guys Always Win
17. Megaforce (movie version)-707
18.  Megaforce -707 (album version) 
Vocal : Kevin Chalfant


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lovelines (1984)

Lovelines 84 teen comedy movie .but this film  a little bit of different from classic teen movies  including great Aor tracks with 80's good pop tunes

Film about  a competition between bands and    fall in love with each other  of their lead singers I think they are amateur musicians  I couldn't find any info about them Soundtrack and DVD not available too I have ripped tracks from VHS and isolated dialogues and noises as much as possible   Sound quality is not  excellent though  very good songs
Same Situation goes for Grandview U.S.A. and Oxford Blues soundtracks (request)  I'  ve ripped notable & rippable  tracks except a few motown,old rock n roll or country songs also I added some bonus tracks

  • Souvenir - Lovelines
  • Racer-Defyin' Gravity
  • The Firecats - Totally Gone
  • Brittany - Reflex
  • Ben Sharel-Hearts On Fire
  • Joe Esposito-A Time Like This Again
  • The Flying Phlegm-Ba Ba Baby
  • Souvenir-Number One
  • Ben Sharel-Boılın Over
  • Racer -For You
  • Souvenir-Hold Me Tonight
  • Tyson Moses - Hearts On Fire (Bonus-not featured in movie)

Say Anything (1989)

I can't Say Anything about this movie Because I haven't seen or I can't remember it İf we skip a couple songs
a pretty good soundtrack  Nancy's (Heart) track exclusive for this movie

  • "All for Love" - Nancy Wilson 
  • "Cult Of Personality" - Living Colour 
  • "One Big Rush" - Joe Satriani
  • "You Want It" - Cheap Trick 
  • "Taste the Pain" - Red Hot Chili Peppers 
  • "In Your Eyes" - Peter Gabriel 
  • "Stripped" - Depeche Mode 
  • "Skankin' To The Beat" - Fishbone
  • "Within Your Reach" - The Replacements 
  • "Keeping The Dream Alive" - Freiheit 
  • "Lloyd Dobler Rap

Grandview U.S.A. (1984)

  • Air Supply-Take Me Home To Grandview, U.S.A.
  • Eddie & The Tide-Running Wild. Running Free ( movie mix version)
  • Jack Mack & the Heart Attack-School Is Out
  • Delta-This Time
  • Frank Musker-Steely Man
  • Mark Goldenberg-No Rest For The Wicked
  • Falco-Der Kommissar (movie version)
  • The Pointer Sisters-I Want To Do It With You
  • Eddie And The Tide-Running Wild,Running Free (album vers)[BONUS]
  • Falco-Der Kommissar (instrumental) [BONUS)

Oxford Blues (1984)

Sound quality better now.  Tracks were cleaned and edit to get good  quality possible.though not rippable songs (some dialogue parts could not isolated)) OST never released  and won't ...two tracks out of my edition  

Mark Ryder-"Stowaway" & David Chesky-"Risking It All On Love" 
  • Paul Jabara and Harold Wheeler-Oxford Blues (main title)
  • Robert Gordon-This Boy's On A Roll
  • Phil Thornalley-Breathless
  • Robert Gordon-This Boy's On A Roll (instrumental)
  • Phil Thornalley-Find The Girl

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sons of Steel (1989)

Sons of Steel is Australian Science Fiction/Fantasy,hard rock musical 21. century in Australia discovered a scheme to blow up Sydney Opera House A secret agent back in time send to stop it The film  premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, won awards at international festivals, and was nominated for best original Australian soundtrack in Australia

All tracks in Hard 'N' Heavy style ,performed by Black Alice  a film project band 

01 - Something In the Air
02 - Sons Of Steel
03 - There's Hope
04 - Hard Lover
05 - Rock n Roll Reck
06 - Mr System
07 - Fighting for You
08 - With You
09 - The Burn
10 - Walkin The Blues


and  a few  vinly soundtracks request   below   Enjoy!

SpaceCamp (1986) SCORE & V.A.

Score composed by John Williams

01 - Main Title
02 - Training Montage
03 - The Shuttle
04 - The Computer Room
05 - Friends Forever
06 - In Orbit
07 - White Sands
08 - Spacecamp
09 - Viewing Daedalus
10 - Max Breaks Loose
11 - Andre Is Stranded
12 - Max Finds Courage
13 - Re-Entry
14 - Home Again
15-  Eric Clapton-Forever Man
16-  Dire Straits-Walk of Life
17-  Dire Straits-So Far Away
18 - Joseph Williams and Paul Gordon-American Girl
19 - Joseph Williams-Don't Look Back
20- Joseph Williams-Turn It Up

Biggles (1986) LP Soundtrack

  1.  Jon Anderson - Do You Want To Be A Hero
  2.   Jon Anderson - Chocks Away
  3. Chakk - Big Hot Blues
  4. Deep Purple - Knocking At Your Back Door
  5. Motley Crue - Knock'em Dead Kid
  6. Immortals - No Turning Back
  7.  Stanislas Syrewicz - Ariel Pursuit
  8. Stanislas Syrewicz - Discovery
  9. Stanislas Syrewicz - Biggles Theme
  10. Stanislas Syrewicz - Chocks Away (Instrumental Version)
  11. Stanislas Syrewicz - Biggles Theme 2
  12.  Stanislas Syrewicz - Marie's Theme

Firstborn (LP) Soundtrack (1984)

  • Nobodys - No Guarantees
  • Talk Talk - Why Is It So Hard
  • Spencer Davis Group - Gimme Some Lovin'
  • Re-Flex - The Politics Of Dancing
  • Band - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
  • Helix - Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'
  • Fats Domino - Blueberry Hill
  • Anthony More - Your Stars
  • Talk Talk - It's My Life
  • Wang Chung - There Is A Nation
  •  Manfred Mann's Earth Band - [Bonus] The Runner

Monday, May 16, 2011

10 To Midnight (1983)

83 Action-Thriller movie about  a police detective (Charles Bronson)  attempts to stop a serial killer that's terrorizing a college dormitory.  The film has a gripping story & great a soundtrack,Extremely rare only  1000 copies pressed in 2007  Score  composed by  Robert O. Ragland  He created incredible ,rhythmic, energetic sound  Attractive, melodic  and very different 

  • Main Title
  • Stuck At The Lake
  • The Chase
  • Night Shft
  • On A Murder Streak
  • Look At Me  (instrumental)
  • Break In
  • Blood Red
  • Cat & Mouse
  • Sharp Dresser - The Party
  • Alibi
  • The Phone Call
  • The Chaser
  • Hello, Baby
  • Van Heaven
  • What Kind Of Girl Are You-George Griffin
  • Look At Me-Bruce Scott
  • End Credits
         10 TO MİDNİGHT

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hıgh Adrenaline: Sports Movie Soundtracks

 After box office success of Rocky and Karate Kid films  began a sports movie wave in the middle of  eighties
Especially in  the 86-87 season  many sports  movies filmed in succession  Rad,Youngblood,North Shore just a few of them Possible to find the movie about all branches of sport in this period   Distinguishing characteristics of this 80's sports films were pumpin' and thrilling tunes , energetic tracks which played  during the montage scenes

Here I chose 32 of  these  for this comp.Exclusive ,rare, missing tracks, different versions  some of them  never released in any format  like White Sister-Touch The Sky and Skydance from Wİnners Take All 

I will post a similar compilation in a few weeks  Other sports movies will be there  Songs are ready but I should design their artworks

01. Roger Daltrey-Quicksilver Lightning  from Quicksilver (1986)

02 .Mickey Thomas - Stand In The Fire from  Youngblood (1986)

03. John Farnham-Break The İce (movie version) from  RAD (1986)

04.  Chicago feat. Bill Champlin- Hearts In Trouble from  Days Of Thunder(1990)

05. Tony Martin Jr.-Skydance from   Winners Take All (1987)

06. The Isley Brothers - Good Hands from  Wild Cats (1986)

07. Roy Ward - Hot Shot  from  White Water Summer(1987)

08. Animotion - Staring Down The Demons   from  Thrashin' (1986)

09. John Farnham- Thunder in Your Heart (Extended Version)  from  RAD (1986)

10. Cliff Magness - If We Can't Do It   from  Race For Glory (1989)

11. Marietta - Thunder & Lightning    from  Fire,Ice & Dynamite (1990)

12. Rocky Burnette-Perfect Crime  from  Cannonball Run 3 (1989)

13. Gary  Wright- Am I The One  from  North Shore  (1986)

14.   Billy Burnette -Brother To Brother  from  Gleaming The Cube (1989)

15.   Dan Reed Network - Baby Now I    from   The Cutting Edge  (1992)

16. Marietta Waters-Fire And Ice (promo single version )   from  Feuer und  Eis (1986)

17.Dave Grusin-Lucas End Credits Theme    from  Lucas (1986)

                  P A R T  I

18. John Parr-Two Hearts   from  American  Anthem (1986)

19.  Glenn Medeiros-Highwire  from  The Karate Kid Part III (1989)

20. Don  Felder-Wild Life   from  The Slugger's Wife (1985)

21. Paul  DelphNorth Shore Roar    from   North Shore (1987)

22.White  Sister-Touch The Sky    from   Thrashin' (1986)

23. Sammy HagarWinner Takes It All (movie version)   from  Over The Top (1987)

24.  Autograph-Winning Is Everything  from  Youngblood (1986)

25.  Kick-American Way  from  Body Slam (1986)

26. Joe Elliot-When Saturday Comes  from  When Saturday Comes (1996)

27.  Airborne feat.Mickey Thomas- Skate Out   from   Skateboard (1979)

28Frozen Ghost & Friends - Rock Still Rolls Me from  Johnny Be Good (1988)

29. Ian  Thomas-Strange Brew  from  Strange Brew (1983)

30.  Danny Hutton- Brand New Day  from American Flyers (1985

31. House of Schock-Middle Of Nowhere  from  Bull Durham (1988)

32. John Waite - Change  from  Vision Quest (1985)

               P A R T  II